Farmington/Bountiful Skyline Trail

Farmington/Bountiful Skyline Drive Trail 

 Easy 25-mile trail that takes you from an elevation of 4,000 to 9,300. The trail can take all day or just half a day depending on how fast you drive. This trail will take you so that you feel like you are on top of the world. Breathtaking views. This trail will take you by some ponds and pine trees that make it seem like you are deep in the woods. Great trail for the whole family. If you are looking for an awesome time take this trail located only 10 min away from our shop.

 ATV Skyline Drive


DirectionsThere are two starting points to get to the Skyline Trail – the one begins in Bountiful and then the trail will take you all the way to Farmington.  You can also start at Farmington Canyon depending on the time of year (it is closed during the winter months until April or May). We would recommend starting the Bountiful way because it is just a little easier up the canyon because the roads are wider. The trail is usually opens up in May/June.

ATV trail

Bountiful starting point GPS trail head: 40°53’44.1″N 111°50’42.3″W Put this in your phone or GPS and it will take you to the starting point to unload your machines.

Farmington starting point GPS trail head: 40°59’45.0″N 111°53’07.8″W Here is another spot you will be able to unload your machines and take of to the trail head.

Where to Ride ATV’s and UTV’s?

ATV Trail

We are blessed to live in Utah where there are literally more than thousands and thousands miles of ATV and UTV trails that you can go ride but the trick is finding where these places are and where you can go ride. Utah is blessed to have one of the most beautiful landscapes and some of the most amazing scenery around.

When we have gone on ATV and side by side trips we have found some of the most best places in some amazing spots that I would never have known about unless someone has pointed me in that direction or sometimes luck would have it we just stumbled upon it. Having lived in Utah all my life it is easy just to go to the trails everyone talks about. Sometimes it’s hard to find out a lot of info on all the different types of trials we have here in this great state.

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So with that we are going to periodically post ideas of different trails that you can try out to give you the best riding experience possible! Our Mission is not only to rent you best ATV’s and UTV’s (side by side) around at the best price. but we also want to make sure you can find the best place to go ride them and have the time of your life. So what are you waiting for go out and find your adventure and call us now!!

Family Fun in the great outdoors

Some of the greatest memories I have growing up with my family are from being in the great outdoors. It was so much fun to be with my family and seeing the amazing views each place had to share. Ever since I was little we rode ATVs, we even had a old 3 wheeler (which are pretty scary now days but we thought we were awesome when we rode it).

Family fun in the outdoors maxatvrentals
To those of you who have never ridden an ATV you’re missing out on some incredible views and family fun. What makes ATVs and UTVs so much fun is that they enable all of your family members to go with you on trips. For example, my mother and father are getting older and it’s harder for them to get around and so ATVs and UTVs make it so that they can go with us. What makes it even more fun is if you’re able to go on trails that you can’t/shouldn’t take a car or truck.Family fun in the outdoors maxatvrentals

Side-by-sides help you to go places and enjoy when nature is good to us we are able to see some beautiful views spectacular sights that we have never noticed had we not gone. The reason for me to start up an ATV rental business is so that family’s can have the same opportunities that I had when I was younger.

family fun in the outdoors

It is not cheap to own and maintain an ATV and or side by side or UTV or snowmobile, in fact it can get very expensive. Some machines can get as expensive or cost more than your car is worth so a lot of families are deprived from not being able to go out and use ATV trails. For this reason I started a rental business so that each family can have an incredible experience in the great outdoors with their family and for those who just want to have a good time in the outdoors.

family fun in the great outdoors-maxatvrentals

So what are you waiting for Go Ride a ATV!

Welcome to Our New Site!

Hey everyone! We’re glad to see you here and hope that you can find what you want. We rent out our machines to those that are in or coming to vacation in Utah but we hope that some of our other content will help you no matter where you are.

We love doing stuff with family and that’s one of the reasons we love running this business, to give families the opportunity to create memories in the outdoors. We have a variety of machines to fit any sized family or friends so make sure to check them out here.

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We want to see a little bit of your adventure as well so make sure to send us your pics so we can show them off!shutterstock_248670040There are so many trails to help you enjoy the outdoors so what are you waiting for? Get out there and create some memories to the MAX!